Rover 2000 TC

 After reading a recent report which had nothing but praise for the Rover 2000 TC sedan we put in our minds that we would somehow find some small criticism of this latest model from the Rover Motor Company. Needless to say we failed in our assignment. This is a car which does everything just right and to say that the Rover 2000 TC is a perfect piece of automotive engineering is certainly not exagerating. It is almost startling that a car can be so well developed right down to the smallest detail. There is no aspect of this car which can be criticized and when you drive the TC you can rest assured that there is not another automobile on the road that does everything so well as this one – except for other TCīs.

When you first sit in the TC it brings out a certain excitement and if it werenīt for the laws against stealing you would be inclined to drive the car and never bring it back, or for that matter never stop driving it, period. Not only are you enveloped in luxury and top performance, but the Rover 2000 TC is easy on the gas bill. At a steady 50 mph the car gives you 32 mpg. The only problem here is to hold off the accelerator because the Rover 2000 TC appears to be as safe at 90 mph as it is at 30 mph. Itīs handling qualities are superior and with the combination of the de Dion rear end, Pirelli Cinturato tires and disc brakes all around, you have what is probably the safest sports sedan on the road. Rover has promised that boat loads of these new models will flow into this country, but once a few more people have tried the car and the good word spreads, then chances are Roverīs biggest problem will be meeting the demand.

The Rover 2000 TC is what you might call a five-year old car. In other words this is a car which you will still be driving long after you have made that last payment. And the design of the TC is such that even in todayīs fast changing automotive world, the appearance of the Rover will never grow old. Besides being an attractive automobile, the Rover 2000 TC is a solid unit. While the TC is a vehicle which you would want to treat with the greatest care, it can still take any rough punishment it may receive in this country. The paint and body work speaks only of quality craftmanship. From every angle the car is exciting. A smart grill incorporates four headlights while turn signals are fixed to the front of the fenders falling neatly into the carīs sweeping front end design. Rubber bumperettes are found on both the front and rear bumpers.

The smooth and quiet running overhead camshaft engine displaces 120.8 cu. in. (2 litre). The four cylinder unit has a power output of 124 bhp at 5500 rpm while its maximum torque is 132 ft/lbs at 4000 rpm. The engine is perfectly square in design having a bore and stroke of 3375 inches. The crankshaft runs in five copper-lead bearings. This bearing distribution gives exceptionally smooth running at the high speed of which the engine is capable. The copper-lead material ensures long bearing life. Combustion chambers are formed, not in the cylinder head but in the hollowed crown of the pistons. The aluminium cylinder head is of completely new design and features intake and exhaust ports designed for maximum flow, also a detachable water heated induction manifold.

If you have ever wondered what the interior of a car should be like, then it is suggested you try the Rover 2000 TC. This car gives you the ultimate in luxury, comfort and safety. When we say this is a car which does everything right, our statement becomes even more evident once you have placed yourself inside the Rover. Control switches are easy to reach and there is no mystery as to what they are as each one is clearly marked. The control switch panel is mounted on the centre of the car bringing all controls into an organized system. There are fresh air vents mounted in front of both the driverīs and passengerīs seats. The heater is excellent, supplying you with enough warmth throughout the car, no matter what cold conditions you may run into. One other interesting feature on the control panel is a small amber light known as the “icelert”. This flashes on and off when the temperature goes below the 36 degree mark and stays on when the temperature reaches the freezing point. The outside temperature is relayed by a pick up mounted on the front bumper. The brightness of the amber light can be controlled by a rheostat located just to the left of the light itself thereby eliminating any annoyances during long periods of driving in cold weather.

We have yet to see a larger glove compartment than those in the Rover 2000. We say those, because there are two of them, both well padded. One is placed in front of the passenger seat and the other is found on the driver side. While the fake wooden rim steering wheel is somewhat large, we found that it was not uncomfortable. The horizontal speedometer and wisely placed tachometer are easy to read and the speedometer incorporates warning lights for the choke, oil, emergency brake and ignition as well as a rheostat for panel brightness and the trip meter. The short gear lever is beautifully located and even with the driverīs seat well back it is easy and a pleasure to operate. The seats themselves, both front and back, fit like a glove, providing maximum comfort.

Even the trunk on the Rover TC is something to rave about. There is ample amount of luggage space and this is usually something which an imported sedan lacks. Suitcases can be placed vertically in this area and the tire is mounted vertically on the left hand side which means you donīt have to unpack before changing a flat. A vinyl hood affair covers the tire. Just to the left of tire and strapped against fender wells, is the jack and a small tool kit which includes, imagine this, a tire gauge!

The Rover 2000 TC gives a ride vastly superior to other cars of its size and yet handles with Grand Touring efficiency. The Pirelli Cinturatoīs are excellent and the suspension has been tuned to these radial ply tires in such a manner that the car outhandles any other sedan in its class. The steering is light with a positive understeer. We had occasion to come up against a few sports cars intown, and no doubt their drivers were somewhat amazed when this sedan managed to leave them during cornering manouvres. It is a very satisfying feeling to have a luxurious sedan which can give you adequate acceleration and then perform like a true GT when it comes to roaring through corners, along super highways or over country roads.

The increased horsepower (from 100 to 124) of the TC (Twin Carburetor) has made the car a true performance machine. With two aboard we were able to record a 0-60 time of 11.1 seconds. And on top of this, the car gives excellent gas mileage. The all synchromesh gear box makes shifting a delightful experience and the throws are quick and accurate. Our speeds in gear were: 34 in first, 62 in second and in third, where the car really starts to take off, we obtained over 90 mph. The carīs highway performance is superb and cruising at 90 mph is an effortless job for the engine. Wind noise is practically negligible although there is some tire noise at higher speeds.

To draw an overall picture of the Rover 2000 TC is a most difficult job. The car does everything so well, that it is not right to point out only a few aspects. It has the class of a champion executing every move with excellence and even under the close eye of the most critical judge there are no flaws to be found. It just doesnīt makes any mistakes. The Rover Motor Company might even be tempted to use only the initials TC and call it “The Car” which dares to be known by this name alone.

Canadian Track & Traffic / Canada June 1966